One Grey Day Is Heavily Touched By Contemporary Art, Film And Music And Its Influence On Lifestyle

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onegreyday_blog01One Grey Day is heavily touched by contemporary art, film and music and its influence on lifestyle. One Grey Day ignores trends and embarrassing self-expression. Instead, we focus our energy into creating an artistic statement that can be worn by a woman to speak to her identity as a vibrant, creative and individual soul.

Each season’s signature motif will be chosen from unexpected and novel subjects. We embrace the concept of “iconic images” to produce a recognizable brand or identity, but reject the inertia of using the same symbols and images year after year in a paint-by numbers approach.

One Grey Day strongly believes that brand identity will grow and flourish by challenging ourselves and by synthesizing our creative influences into a seasonal statement that reflects our passion and joy for art and fashion. The pursuit of this artistic statement and the unique way that we develop our garments is the uniting vision.

One Grey Day develops innovative graphics with luxurious fabrics and yarns with our own developed finishing and rebellious embellishments. We view our goal as constructing artistic pieces that facilitate the chemistry between the clothes and the woman.

Our innovative online wholesale platform makes it as easy as the touch of a button for buyers and boutique owners alike to fill their stores with the newest and most innovative designs from One Grey Day-Los Angeles. With technology and an infrastructure as unique as our designs we can manufacture and ship directly to anywhere in the world creating smooth avenues for sharing our vision. By eliminating a lot of the tedious tasks of the industry, One Grey Day is succeeding in making the sometimes difficult hassle free for both the seller and consumer.

With the roll out of the Spring 2010 line, One Grey Day and its manufacturing partners boldly take this first step.


Danielle Panabaker star of Friday the 13th wears One Grey Day Tangled Mess Chain.


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